Saturday, November 7, 2009

taipei pride 2009

some shots from the parade two weeks ago. this year's event seemed definitely toned down - even compared to the traditionally less than extravagant marches in taiwan (compared to western countries) - partly in remembrance of the victims of and the devastation caused by typhoon morakot earlier this year. the participants also voiced their disappointment concerning politicians' attitudes towards the community, who give their support during election time (current president ma ying-jeou - then taipei mayor - attended the parade a few years back) but fail to follow through on their promises once in office. it was the biggest turnout (25,000 +) in the seven year history of the parade (which has grown to be the biggest in asia, larger even that that of japan's). it was also the first time for me to actually be in the parade, not just as an observer, which was a lot of fun but which also restricted my "freedom of movement" as a photographer. i will include no comments this time, i'll let the pictures do the talking.

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