Sunday, November 9, 2008

taipei flea markets

recently i visited two flea markets. one in Yonghe by FuHe Bridge (福和橋), and another one (supposedly the biggest in the Taipei area) at the border of Hsinchuang and Sanchong, under ChongXin Bridge (重新橋)

official hours are from 6 am to 2 pm, starts to get busy from after 8 am on sunday.

you need to arrive early morning if you're looking for less cluttered scenes like this.

the porn sections seems stronger in the chongxin market, cds, dvds and even two stands offering various sex toys and accessories.

the bridge provides shelter from the scorching sun or the rain.

the golden hour.

can you spot the photog's shadow?

increased and improved recycling methods and internet trade reduces the sale of used items greatly.

energy efficient light bulbs are a big hit.

one of the few "traditional" flea market stands.

ktv (karaoke) is everywhere.....

... i mean everywhere....

.... with interesting videos...

.... featuring scantily clad ladies.

clothes and computers


more "traitional" stuff

attracting some attention. i was the only foreigner during the almost 4 hours i spent here.

exotic birds in cages and chained to their perches are always a sad sight.

kids like colorful birds

the purchase of a gerbil.

dogs don't care much for the flea market (why would you want more fleas?)

it gets dangerous for chihuahuas on the ground after 9 am.

shopping for fishing gear.

it's just a $100 (abt. us$3) including free custom fitting.

treasure hunters in yonghe.

fuhe bridge is a short distance away from the flea market, so you have to make your own shade.

this guy had an impressive collection from the 50s to the 70s.

the find of the day. (no he didn't buy it)

the yonghe market seems to be more "authentic" in that there are more traditional (i.e. second hand) items...

and of course if you get bored or tired... abound. you can get a massage...

... negotiate the price on a ....

... facial, ....

... get a manicure/pedicure...

.... go for a dance...

... and of course get a snack.

kids can have fun too.


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