Friday, October 23, 2009

confucius (shidian) ceremony

taipei confucius temple (臺北市孔廟), was built on wenwu street in 1879, torn down by japanese in 1907, to make place for the taipei first girls high school, and reerected on dalong street from 1925 to 1939. the design is an example for typical fujian temple style. every year on september the 28th, the birthday of confucius, city authorities hold here the shidian ceremony (釋奠典禮). the photos are mostly from side stage as i arrived a bit too late to get a good spot.

getting ready

the hats didn't look very comfortable...

early breakfast for the organizers

it was a televised event

5 am

the final touches


the photographer and the parents

take your positions

on stage

the ceremony begins


in awe

resting. the weather was kind to the kids, not too terribly hot and mostly overcast. no one passed out this year.

the ceremony ends

i think it was a tofu pig

a group photo of participants.

after 12 years the "wisdom hair rite" was reinstated. instead of pulling the hair of sacrificial goats, pigs or cows however.....

...guest were invited to pull writing brushes from a blanket covering the fake buffalo

post ceremony entertainment. some dancing...

... and singing

some final drum roll...

and the crowd disperses. a nice panorama of the temple here.

and a bonus shot from bao-an temple (大龍峒保安宮) from across the street :-)

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