Monday, September 29, 2008

typhoon jangmi

this year's typhoon season has been brutal, jangmi was the third one in september alone. it was also the first time i ventured out with my camera in a storm. not as bad as i thought.

the storm's coming, save your property..

forecasts are quite precise with accurate predictions of the typhoon's path, strength and precipitation (a great website - in english as well - is taiwan's central weather bureau)

kid's like typhoons, as it can be a day off from school.

forget about umbrellas in this kind of weather.

typhoons are good business for cab drivers..

reality is actually not as bad as in news reports, sustained winds in taipei were abt. 50-60 km/h...

... wind gusts were over 100 though...

rain is intermittent. during the typhoon it can even stop completely one minute, only to lash down with full force the next.

it's funny to still see people insisting on carrying umbrellas....

when parking in unfamiliar spots, it's worth checking on your vehicle from time to time to avoid it from being inundated.

when the going gets tough...

.... the tough gets going.

woohoo, a typhoon holiday!

just a few more steps...

good day for business for beggars, at least for the ones who chose this extreme way of getting people's sympathy.

raincoat vs. umbrella

good day for umbrella vendors too...

welcome to taiwan!

it's gonna get worse before it gets better.

amazingly some shops remain open even in the midst of the storm.

the typhoon's path.

typhoon jangmi, sunday 1 pm. under the cotton candy; the island of formosa.

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