Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a day in wulai (烏來鄉) with video!

wulai township (烏來鄉) just outside of taipei is a popular weekend getaway. it's famous for its hot springs, atayal aboriginal culture, great hiking, swimming, fishing and birdwatching opportunities and gorgeous mountain scenery... a few shots from a 1/2 day trip from two weeks ago.

entrance to main street through wulai bridge

shops, restaurants and food vendors are a plenty

restaurant serving atayal cuisine

these are actually water pipes pumping thermal water to mountainside resorts

wulai hot springs produce weakly alkaline carbonic acid water at temperatures of 55 to 80 degrees celsius

the odorless hot springs are supposed to cure skin diseases

some breathtaking views are to be had from the gondola over the falls

wulai falls

wulai gorge (taken with the camera phone)

the visitor center has all the information you need

and finally the videos (don't accept high quality, these were taken with a samsung omnia II cellphone and seem to be further compressed by blogger.com)

the visitor information center by wulai falls

checking out the sights...

some of the nearby mountains reach 5-600 m

this converted mine train built during the japanese era takes visitors from downtown wulai to wulai falls

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