Saturday, August 22, 2009

sun moon lake II.

part 2 0f 2, from a recent trip to sun moon lake. (part 1)


there's a pheasant farm along the road circling the lake with various species of the said bird

the path leading up to ci-en pagoda

ci-en pagoda (慈恩塔) was built by chiang kai-shek in 1971 in memory of his mother

it's a long way...

... to the top

the tower sits on top of 954 meter-high shabalan mountain...

... and with its 46m height, these great views are from exactly 1000 m above sea level.

a small temple in the surrounding countryside

tomato farm in the toushe basin. a survivor tomato of typhoon morakot. there was some damage but the area has escaped relatively unscathed from the storm.

dragon fruit 1.

dragon fruit 2.

dragon fruit 3. (ripe) yummy!

banana flower

a scooter transformer robot in a bus stop.

a room with a view

before sunset

the bathroom from the balcony. you could watch the view while sitting on the toilet. it was the coolest thing.

a night view with two fancy hotels and wenwu temple

day 3. litchi enjoying the sunrise.

busted! waking with a smile as always (how does she do it?)

we met one of my students in puli who kindly drove us to chung tai shan (中台山), a famous buddhist monsatery. i liked it mainly because i recognised all three chinese characters in the name.

otherwise it seemed very touristy. it's huge, modern, sterile...

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