Thursday, January 22, 2009

good bye year of the rat!

the taiwanese year end party is the equivalent of the company xmas party. it is held at the end of each lunar year. the outgoing year of the rat has not been a prosperous one, and many firms have scaled back or canceled the celebrations altogether. these photos were taken at a small taipei hospital's party.

the location was a banquet hall on the top floor of "new york new york", a seven storey department store.

the menu. one horizontal line = 1 course (i have to admit, the food was pretty good)

this was the smaller of the two halls, with almost 80 tables (9 people to each).

girls getting ready for their performance.

dance rehearsal.

the different deparments perform (usually musical, singing or dancing acts) to compete for prizes.

the guests arrive.

photography is a must.

the early bird... (get it? the bird...)

the ICU table.

happy new year!

the white masked character is cai shen (財神), the chinese god of prosperity, a.k.a. the money god.

enter the dragon.

not sure who this guy(?), deity(?) is supposed to be.. any ideas?

and the show begins. (strangely - but if you've spent a few years here already not surprisingly - after the food has already been served)

one happy bunch.

the twelve course dinner in their bellies didn't seem to slow them down one bit...

..they got one of the biggest cheers of the night.

the ICU dancers....

...showing skin.

make room for the pro.

and the winners are...

victory photo.

big fan.

and more photos. see you next year!

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